Restarting Bonjour - safely :)

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Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:04 pm
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Restarting Bonjour - safely :)

The recent authentication issues on Indigo Touch with iOS 8x has highlighted an issue I didn't know about on my Indigo Server where the Bonjour service is occasionally going down. From another Mac I was not able to access the Bonjour webpage for the Indigo server so this shows the issue I'm having is not specific to iOS. I can't isolate why this is happening as of yet.

I would like to monitor the Bonjour status and restart if necessary. I've found these commands to stop/start the DNSResponder service which appears to fix Bonjour, but ends up leaving various elements in an undesirable state (Indigo starts issuing errors in the event log). After doing the stop/start I had to end up restarting the server due to instability. I'm running OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

To stop Bonjour:
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

To start Bonjour:
sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Is anyone aware of any safer way to do this that doesn't end up causing applications to crash? I will probably end up creating a monitor script to check the dns process and run the stop/start when it is down.

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