Naming icons

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Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:26 am
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Naming icons

I have one control page that controls my thermostat. There are 4 buttons to increment/decrement the heat/cool point. I have two icons for each button: an on and an off flavor. The buttons are associated with a server action to increment/decrement the heat/cool point and everything works fine.
But what I am unclear is on how to name the files for the icons so that they work on the iOS app and also on the Domotics Android app. The problem seems to be that the buttons I associated the buttons with the Heat/Cool Setpoint which is numeric. Is that wrong?
Ideally I would like the button to appear pressed as long as I hold it and return to it's default icon once I release it.,
Currently I named the icons "basename+.png" and "basename+on.png" but this only works on Domotics but not on Indigo Touch.

Any suggestion is welcome

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Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:06 pm
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Re: Naming icons

There is no pressed state and no way to hold down a button to continually execute an action... the image heuristics which you were using (appending the + sign and the value) only works for selecting and image based upon a particular state. For instance, a light might have the base image and a +on and +off image which selects based upon the light's on/off status. There is no separate "pressed" state option.

Note that you can use the native (built-in) popup windows to control your thermostat if that is all you do on that control page. If you want to try that, you can use the client action to "Show Client UI". This will launch the same popup that you get from clicking on the thermostat in the devices list.


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