web access to control pages blocked by security software

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Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:42 pm
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web access to control pages blocked by security software

when i try to access a control page (e.g., using "browser preview" when editing a control page), access to the pages is blocked by the antivirus/security software (Symantec). the only message i get is as follows:
Attack Name: Web Attack: Malicious Website Accessed 3
Application: /usr/libexec/xpcproxy

the same page loads fine on my iPhone (no crappy Symantec "protection" to worry about there, fortunately). trying to load the same page from my laptop in Chrome browser, i get the same result (blocked - can't access). this has been happening for a few months.

my laptop (macbook pro OS X 10.11.6) running pretty much "stock" software including Safari 9.1.3 with the addition of some security/antivirus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection, provided and mandated by my employer).

i'm wondering if anyone else has run into this or has a workaround? i'm assuming this is a false positive for Symantec's web filters, though i suppose it's possible that some malware has infected by server... i'll followup with Symantec if i have to, but it seemed more productive to check with users here first.

thanks in advance.

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