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Re: Geofencing suggestion

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:51 pm
by RogueProeliator
I know that RogueProeliator stated in the past that he needed to clean some of the code up before he starts to add new features. Is that still the case with the latest round of betas? is this still on the roadmap?

The latest betas are cleaning up some code, enhancements related to speed and stability, and slowly introducing some new features. I am in the process of trying to test out / QA parts of it, but has been a slow process due to lack of time. But the betas are pretty stable overall.

Geofencing is not getting enhancements in this beta cycle, but once this cycle is fully stable and released, geofencing is probably next along with some addition control page enhancements. I haven't given the actual enhancements much thought other than needing to queue up the action groups to allow delayed retries when a failure occurs.

Re: Geofencing suggestion

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:28 pm
by RogueProeliator
Maybe for the retries, you can select two distance; s the first is the ideal execution and the second is the retry area?

The retries will be an attempt to re-execute the action a certain number of times with a pause in between. There are a couple of issues that we've identified, but the main two are:

(1) the geofence being on the edge of WiFi/Cellular switchover. These can usually be worked around by expanding the geofence, though of course this is not what users are wanting to do... the app should handle this by attempting to re-execute after a short delay in the hopes that the phone has completed "making the hop" between radios

(2) the is waking on geofence and DomoPad simply is not able to complete the network connection... either WiFi is slow to wake or the network stack isn't ready, or whatever. Again a retry here should be accomplished with only a short delay. This also is the cause on some phone models of the Home/Away sometimes switching for no reason -- DomoPad's discovery attempt fails due to it attempting to use the WiFi and the phone is slow to wake it.