Domotics Pad Installation Instructions

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Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:20 pm
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Domotics Pad Installation Instructions

Quick Downloads: Application | Indigo Plugin

Domotics Pad Indigo Client on Google Play Store
Domotics Pad is now available in the Google Play Store:

Domotics Pad Required Permissions
Domotics Pad does not utilize many special permissions -- only those granted standard to application except for one:

This permission is required in order for Domotics Pad to support the creation and maintenance of Geofences or to push your location (if enabled) to the Indigo Server. Note that Domotics Pad does not track your location in any way, not even to support geofences -- it merely asks that the Android OS itself let it know when the fence is transitioned (in or out) so that an Indigo Action Group may be executed. The permission is NOT requested by default, you will be prompted to allow access only if you enable one of the features requiring it.

Domotics Pad Mobile Client Indigo Plugin
To enable full functionality within Domotics Pad you must install the Domotics Pad Mobile Client Plugin. This only takes a moment and is detailed on the DomoPad Plugin Installation post.

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