v2 Testing: Geofencing

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Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:05 am
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v2 Testing: Geofencing

First things first, this is not a working beta of Domotics Pad v2.0 or anything -- but I have a test bed which is ready to test the new geofence detection code for v2.0. This test bed will live alongside your existing DP install and basically does nothing at the moment outside of detecting geofence transitions and notifying you that it has done so. Basically, it is designed to test the new method for those that have had issues with the geofencing not triggering in the current version.

That being said, for those that have had issues in the past, please side-load this version, setup some fences, and let me know how it goes in your testing. Note that in setting up the fences you will just bypass the "Actions" selection page as it is not currently communicating with Indigo Server in this test bed. It should let you know of entry/exit of geofences with a simple notification on your local device.

(No login should be required to download)

You are welcome to give feedback on the new UI of the Geofence section as well.


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