Automating Re-Syncing of Device Links ?

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Mon May 03, 2021 8:08 am
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Automating Re-Syncing of Device Links ?

I occasionally experience a problem with an apparent loss of the Lin between my Insteon controllers and responders. This is especially common with a couple of my 8-button KeypadLink controllers. I can correct the problem by re-syncing the links (sometime preceded by a factory reset). Rather than having to intervene like this after a failure, I'd like to implement an automated periodic re-sync of links so that I can keep things "fresh" and forestall problems.

Any thoughts on how I might automate the re-sync of my device links? For ALL devices, or maybe just for the few that are problematic?

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Fri May 07, 2021 2:33 pm
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Re: Automating Re-Syncing of Device Links ?

There isn't currently a way to script/automate the re-syncing. I recommend just re-syncing the problem devices when it occurs. Doing a full sync-all can cause problems because if there is noise or command collisions on the Insteon network during the sync Indigo can end up trying to correct links that don't need correcting (which leads to extraneous links in the modules).

I think the links dropping out like this is because the flash memory in the modules is going bad, so the best solution would probably be replacing the modules.


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