Stella-Z Thermostat Controller (v2.1.5) Download Available

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Sun Oct 12, 2014 10:45 am
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Stella-Z Thermostat Controller (v2.1.5) Download Available

The Autolog Stella-Z Thermostat Controller (version 2.1.5) is now available - see main announcement for download link :)

Version 2.1.5 is a small release update with the following additions/fixes:

  • Added the ability to 'hide temperature message broadcasts in Event Log' (configured in Edit Device Settings)
  • Added support for the following types of Remote Thermostat: Aeon 4 in 1, Oregon Scientific Temp Sensor, Fibaro FGMS001 "Eye of Sauron" Motion Sensor (the Netatmo is already supported).
  • Improved checks (so that they now work properly) to warn if the required z-wave trigger hasn't been set-up.
  • Removed requirement to set-up schedule for "keep-alive" as this is handled automatically by the plugin (it has been like this since the release of version 2 but the documentation and program code persisted - now corrected and removed).
  • Various small bug fixes.
  • Documentation enhancements - particularly associated with setting up the Z-Wave triggers - and minor clarifications.

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