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Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 9:45 pm
by colovin
I'm using Airfoil not Airfoil pro. I don't get?? Airfoil Pro, it's overly complicated and Airfoil works just fine for my needs. In 7.2, Airfoil won't run, it says there are two Indigo servers running. According to Activity Monitor there are not two Indigo servers running . . . I had to go back to 7.1.1. How can I get 7.2 to run with Airfoil?

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:40 am
by jay (support)
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I'm assuming you're talking about the old (unsupported) Airfoil plugin vs the Airfoil Pro plugin that shipped starting with Indigo 7, so if that's not the case let me know.

The old plugin is no longer supported, so I might be of limited help. What exactly are the errors the you're seeing and where are you seeing them?

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:33 pm
by colovin
I wish I had taken screen shots of the error message and of Activity Monitor. Unfortunately I made the mistake of thinking i could just do a quick install, was heading out to dinner with friends so the mission became get it working again, not taking screen shots. The jest of the error message was that Airfoil could not run because there were two indigo servers running and it could only work with one. Activity Monitor showed only one indigo server running.

7.2 is now working. I deleted 7.1.1, then when into Activity Monitor and shut down the indigo server. Went into system setting and took Indigo off of the log in items. Restarted, launched Activity monitor and killed the indigo server which was running, installed 7.2 . Airfoil is happy.. I'll get back to your if something weird starts happening.

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:10 pm
by Korey
You should take a look at Airfoil Pro, it's a huge upgrade from the old Airfoil plugin, take some time and play with it, it's not overly complicated to use and offers way more features.

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:33 pm
by colovin
Of course weirdness ensued. First bell brought on the double server error which this time I didn't have people waiting on me so I was able to figure out what the problem was. Apparently we now have two folders in the /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation with Indigo 7 and now Indigo 7.2. The error was Airfoil was looking for the Indigo Server in the Indigo 7 folder but the server was running from the Indigo 7.2 folder. I've got lots of routines pointed at the Indigo 7 folder. I thought I steered Airfoil to the 7.2 folder but the 2PM bell brought up the server error. I'm back to 7.1.1.

What files do I need to move to the from the Indigo 7.2 folder to the Indigo 7 folder to upgrade to 7.2? How do I get the 7.2 app to point to the 7 folder to launch the Indigo Server? This is a major flub in the upgrade process. I can't tell you how many routines I have pointed to the Indigo 7 folder. I’ll only find out when they fail. Why is 7.2 in it's own folder? It's not 8, it's 7.2. It will take me hours to re-route all the routines to a different folder.

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:01 pm
by jay (support)
That will not work. You should never assume the directory tree for the Indigo installation as it may change at any time.

This is intentional so that it's easy to switch back to a previous version if so desired. While it may mess with things that you've hard coded, it's hardly a "flub". You'll want to rethink all the "routines" that require hardcoding paths.

Re: Problem with 7.2 and old Airfoil plugin

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:06 pm
by matt (support)
If you are needing the actively running installed path from an Indigo executed python script (or plugin), you can do so via:


For Indigo 7.2 that would return:

'/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 7.2'

and is guaranteed to be correct regardless of which version of Indigo 7+ you are running.