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How to purchase licenses for your customers (and friends!)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 3:02 pm
by jay (support)
For anyone who wants to purchase Indigo on behalf of another person (primarily Installers), we have a pretty simple process: use PayPal to send us (send to the full retail amount ($249.95 USD). With the payment, include the following:

Customer first and last name
City, State, Zip
Email address
Your name and email address (if different than the one on your paypal account)

When we receive payment, we will generate a license for the customer in his name and email it to you. We'll turn it around pretty quick (usually same day if not within hours). We're already using this process for several installers and have found it to work pretty well. We'll be working on an even more automated method in the future but for the moment this will do the trick.

Please do not purchase the license at either Indigo Store - those licenses are automatically registered to the purchaser and moving licenses from one person to another is an arduous process for us.