Fibaro Double Switch Model ID?

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:34 pm
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Fibaro Double Switch Model ID?

I am having lots of problems with the Fibaro Double Switch. Configuration parameters not available... status updates not reporting for S2. I've seen these in the forums but before I start down the path of diagnosis, I want to be sure I know what model I have. Unfortunately, the electrician has installed the unit inside the wall, and I can't get to it (not without calling him and having him pull the wiring out.... here in Australia, it's illegal to touch wiring yourself). So, I want to be sure I can't solve it without that drastic step.

First, I am seeing a "Model ID" I have not encountered here and can't find online. Here is my status report:

Indigo Z-Wave Version: 2.0.119
Node ID: 10
Model: Relay Power Switch
Model ID: 02023002
Manufacturer: Fibaro System
Manufacturer ID: 010F
Protocol Version: 3.52
Application Version: 2.02
Model Definition Version: 0
Library Type: 3
Class Name: Relay Power Switch
Class Hierarchy: 04 : 10 : 01
Command Class Base: 25
Command Versions: 20v1 60v2 25v1 86v1 27v1 8Ev1 70v1 72v1 73v1 7Av1 85v1
Encryption Status: Not Supported
Multi-Endpoint Types: 1:(10 : 01), 2:(10 : 01)
Multi-Endpoint Classes: 1:[25], 2:[25]
Multi-Instance Counts: - none -
Features: routing, beaming
Neighbors: 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Associations: 1:[1] 2:[] 3:[]
Config Values: - none -

Note that the model 02023002 is not one I can find anywhere. And, note that "Config Values" indicates "-none-". Any attempt to change any configuration parameter, or query them, fails.

Any advice on where to start?

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:43 pm
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Re: Fibaro Double Switch Model ID?

Model ID 02023002 isn't mapped to any Fibaro devices in Indigo yet. Which specific model Fibaro is the one you have so we can get it added?

The Interfaces->Z-Wave->Modify Configuration Parameter... capability should work now though; even without a device definition. Copy/paste the errors you see in the Event Log window after you try to query and set parameter values.


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Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:14 pm
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Re: Fibaro Double Switch Model ID?

When I attempt to read config parameter #10 (First channel operating mode), I get the following:

Z-Wave Error failed to read value -- device may not support parameter 10 or may be asleep

I'm pretty sure it's not asleep. :)

The same result comes back for any config parameter listed. I change configuration parameters of Fibaro devices all the time, but they are all RGBW or Dimmer 2 modules. This is the only Double Relay I've used, but it should work the same I would assume.

As far as which exact unit we have, I don't know as it was installed by an electrician. However, I am in the process of getting somebody to help me extract it from the wall so I can find out for sure. If you want to wait until I can actually see the unit and read the sticker to see, that's fine. I won't forget about this thread! I believe it is an FGS-223. That was what was in the electrical spec for the developer.

Note that the unit DOES allow me to control S1 and S2 through Indigo, but does little else. For example, it will not report on switch status. I do receive trigger notifications for S1, but not for S2, nor any energy reports.

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