Feature Request: Toggle device for different states

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Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:33 pm
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Feature Request: Toggle device for different states

Howdy doody

So I've finally started giving my indigo setup the attention its been demanding for quite literally years. One thought that'd make things quite handy is if there were if there was the option within the plugin to create on/off devices for each one of the armed states.. so in my setup for example there'd be 3... one for Disarmed, one for Away and one for Stay. The plugin would automatically set them to their current state, and if one was manually changed it'd automatically set the alarm to whichever state that was (eg setting Away to Off would automatically set it to Disarmed on)

I've currenly got a rather clunky setup of this working (kinda it's a bit flakey) using triggers, variables and virtual devices... but something direct in the plugin would make certain tasks infinitely easier and simpler to manage.. and with all my mental issues lately simplicity is my ultimate goal with everything.

Computer says no.

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