Envisalink EyezOn Alexa Skill

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Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:18 am
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Envisalink EyezOn Alexa Skill

Not really plugin related.... but I'm figuring that everyone in this topic area has an envisalink device and some of those folks have an Alexa device...


While looking for something quasi-related, I stumbled across this new skill. It works if you have an Envisalink or Envisalink SOLO by connecting through your EyezOn account http://www.eyezon.com. With it you can check the status of sensor, Arm or (if you enable it) disarm with a programmed verbal pin code.

What it won't do:
It's currently not recognized as a security system for Alexa On Guard. (To enable On Guard and arm your system you would have to give two separate commands)
Sensors are recognized as sensors but not for triggering a routine <- The reason I was looking around.

This also works with Envisalik on a Honneywell but you must enable QuickArming on your system in order to ARM via Alexa.

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