Smartphone Radar - Presence Detection using Wifi Extender

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Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:49 am
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Smartphone Radar - Presence Detection using Wifi Extender

I've been using Smartphone Radar for years and had no problems at all, using a Time Capsule as main WAN hotspot
Recently I extended my wifi range using an AirPort Express, running as bridge, meaning it only extends the wifi range, not being a different hotspot/WAN.

The issue is that when the phones connect through this extender, Smartphone Radar ceases to sense them.
I tried to add the AirPort Express' IP address and password to the plugin in order for it to scan the extender, but all I get is this timeout message as if the extender were not responding:

"Smartphone Radar Error The SNMP request from timeout out. Wrong password?"

As you could imagine, I have several actions that trigger when the phones are not home, and they are triggering "with" us at home because of that issue.

What is wrong here?
What should I do?

I'm running:
Smartphone Radar v1.1.3
Indigo v7.0.3
macOS v10.13

Thanks for your time.

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