Still good option? Suggested uses?

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Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:52 pm
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Still good option? Suggested uses?

Having recently upgraded to a Synology router which has syslog capability so I am considering using this plug-in.

I haven't seen any new posts on this topic in a while, so thought I would ping the group:

Any issues in using with Synology router? (should work ok, but thought I should ask if anyone knows of any problems)

I noticed that my iPhone goes "on and off" the Wi-Fi a lot while I am at home. I don't know the algorithm Apple uses, but I assume it is related to sleep/wake and power saving modes. I see that the plug-in has a time delay with a recommended setting of 30 minutes before assuming an iPhone is no longer "at home".

So I think this means the plug-in is useful for medium time frame "presence detection" but would not eliminate the Geofencing I am doing other ways right now to trigger "arriving home" and "leaving home" activity groups?

Are you wrapping this plug-in with other scripts or logic as part of a larger activity group/home logic functions?

The plug-in lists a few examples of usage, but I would be curious how others are using it.


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Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:48 pm
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Re: Still good option? Suggested uses?

I still use it. The value is having a Boolean variable in Indigo to test if someone is home or not.

One simple use case: if I’m home turn on the coffee machine in the morning. If I’m not home the coffee machine stays off. My phone is a proxy for me.

Another one: if everyone is gone turn lights on and off so house looks occupied.

I don’t have an issue with phone dropping from WiFi. I think the fix to this was enabling the phone to sync by WiFi with iTunes. I set it so long ago I don’t completely recall and now syncing with iTunes is barely “a thing”.

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