Aeon Labs Key Fob Remote (DSA22)

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Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:55 pm
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Re: Aeon Labs Key Fob Remote (DSA22)

colin_d wrote:
I've got a 1 button DSA38 and also a 4 button DSA22, not Gen 5 though.
I tweaked the wakeup interval to once a week and I'm getting over six months out of mine.

It will depend on usage, I guess I use both units up to 4 times a day.
The battery level doesn't mean much on these, they seem to give a stable voltage throughout most of their life but can then die quite suddenly.
Keep a couple of spares!

I prefer the Minimote now as its rechargeable :)

Hope that helps...

Thanks Colin, I've set all my fobs to wakeup once per week. I'll see if the battery life improves.

PeteVis wrote:
I have the ZW088, which is the Gen5 model if I'm not mistaken.
Battery life for me is also more or less a month. I haven't tried to set the wake interval to a week, I should try that, but for the moment I am using the Octan remote.

The Octan is nice, but I don't really like the tactile feel of the buttons... that means, there is no clicky button action at all.
Other than that, it seems the batteries are holding up better than the Aeon keyfob.

Thanks Pete, the Octan looks nice as an in-house remote. Doesn't look like they have an Australian frequency yet. I'll keep a look out for when they do.


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