ABUS Alarm System

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Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:30 am
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ABUS Alarm System

Hi all,

we are in the process to build a new house and I am thinking about alarm system.
At the moment I have just Fibaro Sensors and when movements is detected, I will get pushover notifications and so on.

But I would like something more complete (250 square meters house, with garden, 3 stocks)

For example ABUS Smartvest system.
There is also a ZWave Extension.

Any idea/suggestions?


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Thu Mar 25, 2021 11:07 am
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Re: ABUS Alarm System

If you are in the building phase, I would personally recommend using hard wired sensors throughout. Look for a security panel that can integrate with indigo (regardless of monitoring). My preferred setup is the dsc alarm pc1864 with the envisalink tying it into indigo via the DSC plugin. I do not like replacing or relying on batteries at every door/window sensor.

I use a few z-wave motion sensors for awareness purposes (like kid rooms and such), but all my common area motion sensors are all hard wired... (no batteries and they cost a fraction of what a smart sensor costs)

The downside is wireless (if you want wireless). They have their own DSC line of wireless products and I think they use a proprietary communication protocol. To add any zwave stuff I have to use indigo. I could use a zwave relay to output to a DSC monitored zone so any "indigo" security event could close that relay which would open the zone = alarm on the panel.
I don't mind if the DSC Panel can't see my zwave zones because my DSC panel relies on indigo to notify me, (I don't have my panel set to notify me directly). So I have indigo triggers and actions that will fire from DSC Zones or ZWave zones.

The other upside (in addition to no batteries and cost per device), The DSC panel will still set off an audible and visual alarm regardless of the state of indigo, the internet or mains power (battery backup to the panel).

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