Organizing a module sub-board

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Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:02 pm
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Organizing a module sub-board

I have a Phidgets 8/8/8, and now have two pulse water meters, three 3051 relays, two automated valves with position sensors and one solenoid controlled valve all running off the same board. The wiring is a mess! How do you all set up your boards so they are neatly organized? Any pics would be appreciated! :D
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Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:18 am
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Re: Organizing a Phidgets board

(moderator note: this reply was originally from berkinet, but it accidentally got removed)

Well... I usually mount small boards etc on a plywood backboard. Make it as big as you can. But, 3ftx3ft (1m2) is a nice start if you have the space.

Then you can do a number of things. There are several products like this one from Belkin:
Image or Image

But, those might be a bit large for your needs. So, take a look at the installation hardware page from Scroll down to the Mushroom Screws and look from there to the Bridal Rings. (Lots of cool stuff on this page.) Essentially you take something like a mushroom screw (Wide end out), drive rings or bridal rings and create a matrix around the edge of your back-board, and maybe inside as well.

Another option, which I like, is to create a cross-connect system. Terminate all sensor and digital I/O wires (not Ethernet) on a split 66M block and then continue the wires from there to wherever. (See 66 Block Types on this page). This is probably a bit more complex than you want - you'd need the blocks, bridging clips and a punchdown tool. But, it does make for a nice neat installation.

Also, I'd suggest posting this question on the General Home Automation forum. This issue is not unique to Phidgets and people using other technologies and products may have applicable solutions.

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