Velux Blinds, Awnings and Window open/closers

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Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:46 am
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Velux Blinds, Awnings and Window open/closers


I "think" Velux have finally come up with a solution for their electric kit to be operated remotely and within automation systems (the latter is to be seen).
From what i can tell it is a bridge between wifi network and io-homecontrol. Finally.
It looks to be compatible with Homekit and Neatamo. I am hoping it has some kind of API. If so then we should be on for a winner finally. I can get rid of the 12 butchered remotes hardwired to relays!
It also has apps for iPhone and android so im really hoping there is a way to integrate this/script this/use something.

Just FYI. Looks promising for all those Velux users asking the same question on automating Velux kit.

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Thu Apr 27, 2023 4:22 am
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Re: Velux Blinds, Awnings and Window open/closers

I have only just come across this, my current solution uses 3 x KLF 200's paired with Figaro Dual relays mounted on a board and mains powered. Pretty clunky and really only useful for opening and closing the blinds (3 x times as I have blinds in multiple rooms). I recently bought the KIG 300 which is a network gateway that can control Integra devices and has an app. In my case I only have 5 Velux solar blinds but having individual control is nice and it has a reverse engineered API.

I have done some basic work on a plugin, and it looks viable but I wanted to check if anyone else has a need or desire for direct Indigo integration for Velux Integra. I just want to figure out if a quick and dirty for my own use would suffice or if others would use it (and I would need help testing devices I don't have access to).


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