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Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:33 pm
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Not sure if this is the right place to post but just want to give you all a heads up. I recently purchased a number of Leviton “in-wall Remote Dimmers” (DD00R-DLZ) from Amazon. They were delivered promptly but when I opened the boxes of the individual units, what was in the box was DEFINITELY not the product that I had purchased.

I contacted Amazon and they sent me replacements, which of course were also not the unit I ordered. That’s the extent of Amazkn’s assistance, so it was then on me to contact Leviton and try to sort it out.

Long story short.. after 5 weeks and numerous emails (no replies unless I hounded them), the best they will do is acknowledge that there was a problem somewhere and have promised they will ship me the ACTUAL units. Who knows how long that will take. Basically Amazon we’re selling fake or scam items and did not care one bit.

I would be VERY hesitant to buy from Amazon because trying to get issues like this sorted with them is n absolute nightmare. And Leviton were hardly any better.

I have thousands of dollars invested in Levitom switches but have had the entire wiring for my house half finished for 6 weeks because of this drama. Never again. Goodbye Leviton.

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Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:13 pm
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Yes. I never trust that the "by Leviton" or "by Anybody" matters one bit. For things that matter, if I'm buying from Amazon, I will only go with "ships from and sold by Amazon". I have yet to receive anything that I think is counterfeit when it came straight from the mothership. The only problems I've had with those products is that a page can specifically say that an item is Version X or Firmware Y, but--if it has the same SKU in the warehouse--you're going to get whatever's in the warehouse where the order is filled. Folks filling shippers don't know beans about firmware, nor would I expect them to. That one is on the folks that are setting up the product pages.

Don't get me wrong. I fully believe that Amazon doesn't give a horse's backside that there are counterfeit items being sold on their site. Just like Google don't care that there is copyrighted material on YouTube. Sure, they'll take it down, but they're happy to bank the commissions until somebody complains.

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Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:37 am
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I am a third party seller on amazon. And while I can say there are some unsavory 3rd party sellers, there are many great ones (like me). But regardless of who you buy from (sold and ships from amazon or third-party, Amazon has an a-z guarantee ensuring you get what you ordered. I have made thousands of purchases from amazon and tens of thousands of sales on amazon. Several times, I have not received what I requested and had zero friction in returning the product for a full refund (and no return shipping cost). I have also had customers who have bought from me claim they expected something different (some of which have been my fault and others not) and in all cases I've refunded without question.

I would encourage you to open an A-Z claim as follows:
Go to Your Orders.
Locate your order in the list and click Problem with order.
Select your problem from the list.
Select Request refund.
Enter your comments in the text box.
Select Submit.

I shop at amazon because I know I will never regret it....Amazon would rather eat the loss than disappoint a customer. As a third-party seller, I work into the price an expected number of loses due to this (I have had people return a completely different brand product than what I sold them saying it doesn't work. I've had them return empty boxes claiming the product was in there when they shipped it. But most are on the up and up. It's just easier to issue refunds without question than try to argue.

If, however, you feel you have been scammed, you should communicate this to Amazon. If it doesn't work the first time, reach out to them again (the customer service staff are not always the brightest bulbs in the box). If that doesn't work and A-Z doesn't work then file a claim with your credit card....they will issue a chargeback to amazon and you will be out no $.

Hope this helps.

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Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:58 am
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