Storing Alarm Codes

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Tue Jan 03, 2023 5:36 pm
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Storing Alarm Codes

A question for the users of the ad2usb plugin. My next release will attempt to integrate with the HomeKitLink Siri plugin for HomeKit integration.

I’ve exchanged emails with the developer of HomeKitLink Siri and there are two things I need to add to the ad2usb plugin.

The first is the current alarm status that HomeKit can use. This is straightforward with HomeKit statuses below that can be mapped to the various panel statuses.


The second requirement is a set of hidden actions that are called by HomeKit (via the HomeKitSiri plugin(?)) to change the status of the panel to: ARM STAY, ARM AWAY, ARM NIGHT, or DISARM. For this an alarm panel user code is required (while it’s not required to arm with the quick arm features of the panel it is required to disarm).

The question is there a preferred method to store your alarm panel code? There are several options that come to mind:

1. Use the OTP configuration file that was added in 3.3.1 release. For a variety of reasons, I chose to store alarm code data in a file of your choosing as part of the OTP feature.
2. Store the code in the Plugin Configuration/Preferences.
3. Store the code in a variable and set the variable to use in the Plugin Preferences
4. Others?

Of course, storing a code will be optional so those who don’t want to store an alarm user code won’t have to. Its just needed if you want to use HomeKitSiri integration.

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Wed Jan 18, 2023 2:56 pm
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Re: Storing Alarm Codes

Apologies for the late response. I'm using your recent update to store all codes as variables. It's working great. When I change a code in the variable, it updates both the door locks and the user code on my alarm system. Variables would get my vote. Thanks again for the great work on this plugin, I also use HomeKitLink Siri, so happy to test any updates.

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