iAutomate.com Releases v2.11 the RFID Plugin for Indigo

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Tue May 07, 2013 6:50 am
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iAutomate.com Releases v2.11 the RFID Plugin for Indigo

iAutomate.com is pleased to announce the Release of v2.11 of the Long Range RFID Plugin for Indigo v6.x or later.

In addition to the exisiting Triggers, Conditions and Custom Icons, a companion plugin for the Indigo Web Server has been included in this release that will allow the use of v2.0 of our RFID Track App for iOS to connect with Indigo and locate asssets in the palm of your hand. Users can also view and sort through tag data using a web browser or return JSON results so that a user can generate their own custom results.

The RFID Plugin and Indigo Web Server RFID plugins are bundled for free with the purchase of an RFID Reader, RFID Starter Kit, Indigo RFID Starter Kit or
The New Single Reader Limited Edition of the RFID Starter Kit

This is a very powerful product. Our Passive RFID Receivers detect tag transmissions in the environment. The Sensitivity (range) of each Reader is adjustable in the Plugin Configuration. All of the tags sold after January of 2011 (with exception of the TGF-A) transmit at 1.5s and include an integral motion sensor, that also acts to reduce the transmit rate to 15 seconds when the tag is dormant. The tag transmissions are rather detailed and complex. At the slightest movement, the tag transmits motion data and begins transmitting at 1.5s. This new feature adds battery life and satisfies FCC requirements, as well as adding a motion sensor to each tag. In addition to the the Tag ID number and motion data, the following data is transmitted by the Tag: Wiegand ID Number, Tag Type ID, Motion Data, Tamper Data, Alarm Data, Age Data. The Reader Detects these data packets and determines the signal strength of the tag before passing the data along the readernet. Most of the tags have a magnetic reed switch that can be used as a sensor by placing a magnet on the back of the tag.

Click Here to Download the Most Current Version of the Long Range RFID Manual for Indigo.

With the additon of our RFID Tags and Readers, here are some of the things you can do with Long Range Active RFID hardware and the RFID plugin:

    •Control the lights, HVAC, garage door or security system when your car approaches or leaves your home
    •The Ultimate Driveway Sensor
    •Detect if vehicle is in the garage
    •Use the magnetic reed switch built in the RFID Tag as a wireless sensor
    •Detect a person entering or leaving a room or area with a new "Virtual RSSI" option for any trigger
    •Arm or Disarm Security by individual tag
    •Automatically open a "pet" door when your pet approaches the door
    •Control, Lights, Music, and Temperature based upon the presence or absence of a tag
    •Track the presence of domestic help, children or pets by logging in to your Indigo system from anywhere in the world
    •Get notified by email or phone when a child gets home from school
    •Use a Key-Fob Tag to transmit one or two different distinct manual signals as a trigger
    •Inhibit Triggers such as Video, Audio or other controls if a tag (parent) is not present
    •Track physical assets and perform notification if one is "removed" from an area
    •Get notified if pets wander outside of a given range
    •Sound an alert when kids wander outside of a given range
    •Get reminders to take out the trash if the garbage can is still detected in the garage or at the house on garbage night
    •Using Optional Keyfob, Log When Teens leave and arrive back home
    •Monitor the State of Devices, Tag Signal Strength via Indigo Control Pages
    •View tag data remotely with RFID Track for iOs
    •View JSON results for Tag Data
    •View and Sort Tag Data in a Web Browser
    •Assign Photos or Images to Assets for viewing in A Web Browser

Minimum System Requirements

A Macintosh Computer with a 1.83 MHz Core 2 Duo or Faster Processor, 4 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Higher, Wired Ethernet preferred, Indigo Pro 6.x or later. A USB to Serial Adaptor with an FTDI Chipset is required. We strongly recommend that the USB to Serial Adaptor used for Reader communications be installed on a USB Bus so that the serial port is the exclusive device on that USB Bus, and the Bus is not shared with other USB devices.

Support for RFID Readers, Tags and the RFID Plugin is availailable by emailing support@iautomate.com

Please note that although we administer the discussion forum for RFID Plugin for Indigo and may comment from time to time, this forum IS NOT intended as a primary means of obtaining technical support.

Feel free to post questions in the forum.

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