RFID Track v2.0 Now Available in iTunes - Works with Indigo

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Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:39 am
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RFID Track v2.0 Now Available in iTunes - Works with Indigo

iAutomate.com is pleased to announce the Release of v2.0 of RFID Track app for iOS.

The App is Now Available for Download in iTunes

RFID Track is an application that, when used in conjunction with the RFID Track Plugin v2.11 or later for Indigo Pro v6.x or later Software or RF-Watch v2.11 or later Software and RFID Hardware from iAutomate.com (sold separately) displays the status of Taggable objects within defined RFID Reader zones to provide near-real time visibility of people and assets to enable secure Facility Management and asset security. RFID Track will access and render data using SSL over LAN via WIFI equipped iOS devices or via WAN using an iPhone or 3G equipped iPad. RFID Track has the ability to create virtual zones which can include combinations of readers in physical zones. Data is sorted within zones by asset name and time "last seen". If Indigo or RF-Watch is configured and utilizing the "on site" and "off site" reader option, RFID Track will show RFID Tag statuses of people and assets on site in a physical zone, or offsite in a virtual zone.

Download and try RFID Track with our Demo Server. Server settings can be found in the screen shots depicted in iTunes, on the "About" page of the installed app, or at our informational site at: http://demo.iautomate.com

With RFID Track, you can access Indigo RFID Track Tag data and:

• Track RFID tags assigned to people or assets and display last zone and time last seen
• Set the default zone to display at application launch
• Track RFID tags and determine on site or off site status
• Tap to view an available image of an RFID taggable object for immediate recognition
• Email tag status reports as a "snapshot" to recipients (from iOS Contact List)
• Email tag discrepancy reports of unread RFID Tags to recipients (from iOS Contact List)
• Color code zone headers for a custom look
• Manually arrange zones in dock as favorites
• Specify server ports and paths for LAN and WAN Connections if SSL is required
• Manually refresh data
• Zones automatically tally the tag count in the header
• View and recognize asset type or Person with colorful icons

Examples of what RFID Track can do in the palm of your hand:

• Locate people, laptops, tool chests, computers within a building
• Determine if a person or asset is on site or offsite and display last time seen
• Track motor vehicles in automotive service departments; parking lots
• Use as an In/Out Board to track staff within your building.
• Track rental equipment for handheld inventory reporting
• Determine if Contractors are on site
• Mangage visitors and their location

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