Starling Bridge Beta

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Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:09 am
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Starling Bridge Beta

The beta is now available on Github here: Starling Bridge Plugin :)

To get started:
  1. The main hardware pre-requisite is a Starling Home Hub
  2. This plugin requires Indigo 2022.1 and runs using Python 3.
  3. Important: Python package cryptography is required. Run command 'pip3 install cryptography' in terminal.
  4. Install the Plugin
  5. In the configuration, set the polling as required. It can be quite frequent (e.g 2-5 seconds) as the Starling Hub regulates the frequency of update requests from the Nest Servers to prevent going over limits.
  6. Create a Starling Bridge > Starling Hub device.
    • Enter the Starling Hub IP Address as recorded in the Starling Hub's 'Advanced Settings' section.
    • Select whether to enable encrypted access or not.
    • Enter the API Key you must have set up in the Starling Hub's 'Starling Developer Connect' section.
  7. You can now create Starling Bridge > [Nest Protect, Nest Home/Away, Nest Thermostat] devices. When the config dialogue is displayed, select one of the listed Nest devices and save it.

That should be it, your selected Nest devices are now reflected in Indigo.

You will notice that for the moment, the New... menu shows further devices with [<type>] appended. You shouldn't select these and if you do you won't be allowed to save them. They are sub-type associated with the main Nest device types.

So a Nest Protect will have a CO (Carbon Monoxide) sub-type and an optional Motion sub-type which is determined by whether the Nest Protect is wired or battery powered.

Likewise, a Nest Thermostat will have a Hot Water sub-type if a European version, or if a US version: Fan sub-type and/or Humidifier sub-type. Again this is determined by how the Nest Thermostat is setup.

There are Starling Bridge triggers available which trigger if Smoke or CO is detected. There are invidual Nest Protect triggers (alert detected, alert cleared) and a trigger that will trigger if any Nest Protect alarms.

More detailed documentation will follow once the beta has bedded down.

Any questions, then please post to this thread: Starling Bridge Plugin Beta

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