Habitat Elevation w/ Indigo (short review)

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Wed Apr 19, 2023 12:38 pm
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Habitat Elevation w/ Indigo (short review)

I purchased a Hubitat Elevation C-8 (HE) to replace a Vera hub. The reason for the Vera, and now the HE, was to provide Indigo-controlled Z-Wave services in a remote building too distant for direct Z-Wave connectivity.

With the existing investment in Z-Wave devices, switching from the Vera to something more supportable seemed like the way to go and the HE would let me do exactly that. And... it does. I found the HE to be an overall better product than the Vera, plus the added bonus of Zigbee should I need it at some point. Of course, I have no plans to use the HE for anything more than a bridge device, so my satisfaction with the product should be considered with that in mind.

Setting up the system was a little more trouble than I had hoped. But, (as reported in another post) I did get it working with the publically available MQTT software. Then, after contacting the author and getting a newer beta release, a re-installation was simple and flawless. Overall the combined Indigo/HE system works well. Not as fast as through the Indigo Z-Wave stick. But, fast enough, and way better that the Vera and Vera plugin. A lot probably has to do with the more recent Z-Wave hardware in the HE.

However... If I were to do this again, I think I would have just switched to Shelly Wi-Fi devices, dispensed with a bridge altogether, and kept a pure Indigo solution.

And, I any case, Thanks to Autolog for a well-designed and easy-to-configure Indigo plugin.

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Thu Apr 20, 2023 11:25 am
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Re: Habitat Elevation w/ Indigo (short review)

Same here, dropped HE and replaced with a SONOFF Zigbee stick, it works much better

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Thu Apr 20, 2023 3:42 pm
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Re: Habitat Elevation w/ Indigo (short review)

Shelly are great, but you get a lot more choice of devices with zwave and zigbee. For pure Zigbee I agree a Sonoff zigbee stick keeps things all within Indigo and your Mac, but for your use case, and a remote building, HE sounds like a great solution.

Tip - I sometimes found my HE to stop responding and turning off and on was required. Using a HE addon to allow scheduled reboots over night greatly helped.

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