Installing the MQTT app on a Hubitat C8

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Sat Apr 15, 2023 11:18 am
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Installing the MQTT app on a Hubitat C8

After reading all the posts in this topic, I was prepared to have problems installing the MQTT app on my new Hubitat. Especially since I have a C8. I was not disappointed. But, I did figure it out, and in the process may have learned something that explains other problems reported with installing MQTT app on the Hubitat. Here it is, step-by-step:

  1. Read:
  2. Go to: Developer Tools -> Apps code
  3. click +New APP
  4. click Import
  5. paste the URL to the raw display of the app ( )
  6. click Import
  7. click Ok
  8. click Save
  9. Go to: Developer Tools -> Drivers code
  10. click +New Driver
  11. click Import
  12. paste the URL to the raw display of the driver ( ... t%20driver )
  13. click Import
  14. click Ok
  15. click Save
  16. Now go to Apps
  17. click +Add User App
  18. In the popup window, click MQTT
  19. Configure the app
  20. However... If you get a long (endless) delay:
  21. Connect to the Hubitat in s second browser window
  22. on the left side menu, click Logs
  23. wait until you see messages from the MQTT daemon
  24. In the log message display click either info or debug
  25. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the name of the app. click MQTT
  26. You can now configure the MQTT app and set the IP ADdress, etc. for your broker
  27. click Done
  28. Probably a good idea to restart the Hubitat at this point

This is mostly from my notes, but also a bit from memory. So, if you see any errors, please let me know.

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