Hubitat Bridge Version 2022.0.7 Update

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Wed Mar 08, 2023 12:26 pm
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Hubitat Bridge Version 2022.0.7 Update

Version 2022.0.7 of the plugin is now available in the Indigo Plugin Store.

This is a recommended update for all Hubitat Bridge plugin users. :)

Recent major changes include:
  • v 2022.0.7 - Security Update
  • v 2022.0.6 - Support for Aqara FP1 device

Added a requirement to update Cryptography package to version 39.0.2

If the Cryptography package version is older than 39.0.2, the plugin will be stopped and you will be asked to run the following command in a terminal session:
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pip3 install --upgrade cryptography

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