Hubitat Bridge Version 0.5.12 Update

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Sun Nov 14, 2021 11:43 am
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Hubitat Bridge Version 0.5.12 Update

Version 0.5.12 of the plugin is now available in the Indigo Plugin Store.

Recent changes include:
  • v 0.5.12 - Temperature Sensor Bug Fix
  • v 0.5.11 - Support Humidity for a Motion Sensor device
  • v 0.5.9 - Enable Humidity and Illuminance as Primary Devices
    Further extend Humidity change in version 0.5.8 to enable Humidity to be a Primary device. Enable this also for Illuminance.
    Clarification on ungrouped secondary device deletion required message
  • v 0.5.8 - Fix Humidity as primary Device additional state
  • v 0.5.7 - New Set White Level / Temperature Action
    Add new action 'Set White Level / Temperature' to enable independent control of a device's White Level and White Temperature.
    Fix a bug introduced in 0.5.6 that rendered Tasmota plugs inoperable via the plugin.

This is a recommended update for all Hubitat Bridge plugin users. :)

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