Hubitat Bridge Now Available In Indigo Plugin Store

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Hubitat Bridge Now Available In Indigo Plugin Store

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The Hubitat Bridge Plugin is now available in the Indigo Plugin Store.

In summary, this plugin gives you the capability to access additional Zigbee and Z-Wave devices attached to the Hubitat Elevation hub and have their states reflected in Indigo. Likewise, you can control these devices via Indigo.

I now have all my Zigbee devices connected to to my Hubitat Elevation Hub and directly accessible and controllable from Indigo. :)

It will only run on Indigo 2021.1 or later.

The plugin now has hybrid support for Athome Tasmota plugs (UK). It supports the plugs directly via MQTT and does not need a Hubitat Elevation Hub to control them. It may support Athome Tasmota plugs from other regions but hasn't been tested.

I am open to extending this feature if requested.

Documentation is still being worked on. Please post any questions to this forum.

Finally, a big call out to Clive (@CliveS) for his help with alpha/beta testing this plugin. :D

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