Hubitat Bridge Now Available In Indigo Plugin Store

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Mon Jun 21, 2021 3:32 am
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Hubitat Bridge Now Available In Indigo Plugin Store

The Hubitat Bridge Plugin is now available in the Indigo Plugin Store.

In summary, this plugin gives you the capability to access additional Zigbee and Z-Wave devices attached to the Hubitat Elevation hub and have their states reflected in Indigo. Likewise, you can control these devices via Indigo.

I now have all my Zigbee devices connected to to my Hubitat Elevation Hub and directly accessible and controllable from Indigo. :)

It will only run on Indigo 2021.1 or later.

The plugin now has hybrid support for Athome Tasmota plugs (UK). It supports the plugs directly via MQTT and does not need a Hubitat Elevation Hub to control them. It may support Athome Tasmota plugs from other regions but hasn't been tested.

I am open to extending this feature if requested.

Documentation is still being worked on. Please post any questions to this forum.

Finally, a big call out to Clive (@CliveS) for his help with alpha/beta testing this plugin. :D

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