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Sun Jun 19, 2022 8:42 am
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Re: Hubitat Plugin Beta

Hey Jon,
I tried the Hunter Douglas Powerview API on Hubitat, and connected it to Indigo via The MQTT App and the Indigo Hubitat plugin. All devices easily mapped into indigo, but the shades did not respond to the Indigo slide controls, although they did illustrate the correct open/closed status from Hubitat, but only seemed to understand 0 or 100 (open/closed), not the actual shade position. The scenes sort of worked, I mapped them as shades and then as switches, they seem to almost work as switches, but would issue the scene command and quickly reverse it. Seems to want to be a "push-button" and not a "switch". It was worth the try....
Thanks for creating the Hubitat plugin, I'm sure I'll use if for another purpose.

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Sun Jun 19, 2022 8:48 am
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Re: Hubitat Plugin Beta

Coincidentally, I have sent you a PM on how to get access to the latest beta of the Hubitat MQTT App.

I can work with you to check what needs to be done to get it to work once you have the latest beta of the Hubitat MQTT App, which may help with the Hunter Douglas shades.. :)

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