Impact of daylight savings change

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Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:35 am
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Impact of daylight savings change

Hi all (or maybe just Alan),

I feel slightly better as it looks like the daylight savings time change "broke" the Glowmarkt bright app that I wanted to reconcile to. It is now back up and it does map the cumulative daily usage to the same as the bright app as to the device states. No issues in the logging so it looks like it works as expected. It is worth noting :-

1) I won't know entirely until todays consumption is published tomorrow, I will check again then
2) If you track/graph each of the 30 minute usage periods then you have a missing hour, as I don't have device states for the "extra hour". I will check the daily totals to see if they cover the 25 hours, but looking at the Bright app, they take the same approach and I think it would be overkill/confusing to have an extra 2 device states that would only come into play once a year. Any errors this brings in should be minimal.

I am actually rather pleased the logic worked to capture this properly (I hope that is not speaking too soon) as it was definitely in the dark arts category as far as my python skills go. Just to make it more challenging, last night due to the strong winds we had a long period of negative electricity rates.

Any issues, observations or requests then let me know.


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Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:53 am
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Re: Impact of daylight savings change

All OK here thanks Neil - no problems at all :)

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