Coming Soon - Touch Portal for Indigo

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Tue May 19, 2020 6:53 am
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Coming Soon - Touch Portal for Indigo

Touch Portal is a software-based program that provides "macro" control of Macs (and PCs) through touch interfaces designed to be run on mobile devices (like a software-based Stream Deck alternative). In addition to its "macro" control structure, Touch Portal provides API-based connectivity to allow integration with external clients and this API is what allows for connection between Indigo and Touch Portal.

Examples of things that Touch Portal integration will make possible:
  • Control of Indigo Devices, Actions, and Triggers via Touch Portal:
    • Turn a device on or off,
    • Fire an Action or Trigger.
  • Indigo control of the Mac running the Indigo Server:
    • Start/stop/control other applications,
    • Execute scripts (bash and AppleScript).

The Touch Portal plugin for Indigo will be initially published as a proof of concept--a pre-alpha version--to demonstrate the kinds of things that are possible with Touch Portal integration. As a pre-alpha release, it is likely that the plugin could change frequently (and possibly dramatically) and we will be looking for users to suggest new features and test plugin releases. The paid version of Touch Portal will be required to use the plugin (a Touch Portal requirement, not a requirement to use our Indigo plugin), and Touch Portal will need to be installed on the same machine as the Indigo Server.

Stay tuned!
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