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Paradox Alarm Plugin - Complete rewrite Python 3

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2022 7:32 pm
by GlennNZ
Paradox Alarm Plugin

Hi all

Above is an essentially new plugin for integration into Indigo Paradox, Spectra EVO and Magellan Alarm panels, Sensors, states, keypads etc.

Because of Indigo Python 3 upgrade, I could move completely to the paradox/pai library

This updated version uses this library for all communication.

It should enable much broader support for all IP150 connected panels.

Ongoing rewrite:
Currently functioning well:
    Sensor Status
    Alarm control
    PGM Control
    Zone Sensing -- all functioning
    All Device states update appropriately - and best to trigger on device state change currently
Triggering limited functionality.

New functions:
Update time of panel as Action Group :
This gets my vote as most useful - can just push current time to panel, no complicated button pressing in panel needed!)