Paradox Alarm Plugin

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Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:35 pm
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Paradox Alarm Plugin

Hi all,

Paradox Alarm IndigoPlugin


Thought would post this mostly completed plugin - but it working so well for me I may not have much need to update down the track.

Download GITHUB:

Press the Clone/Download button for the moment...


Alarm system plugin for Paradox SP5000/SP6000/SP7000 (I have SP7000 and all working)
Need a IP150 device to connect panel serial port to network.
Other than that should be fairly self-explanatory....

Personally I find the instant on/and a few seconds off motion detection fantastically useful, and now have added the Alarm to other sensors, may be close to full occupancy recogntion/following etc.


For Zone status, & Control of MG5050, SP6000 Paradox Alarm systems.


- MG5050 V4 IP150 Fully supported using the MG5050 mappings

- SP6000 IP150 Supported using the MG5050 mappings

- SP65 ? Supported

- EVO Series Unknown... (labels apparently not working)

Needs IP150 Model connected to Alarm System. Like this one:


Beta plugin at the moment - Zone and Alarm control working well for myself at the moment - so may not get time to get back to it.
Thought reasonable as fills hole to release as Beta currently and can see how others go.


Pretty Basic - biggest part is passwords and IP Address:


Passwords as per the Config Screen.

Then Create Main Device:


Then Create as many Zone Sensors devices as you have/wish to monitor



The plugin captures a lot of Alarm information and additionally triggers on it all.





With the plugin you can enable, disable, arm, stay-d, sleep mode turn on/turn off and enable PGM's



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Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:39 pm
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Re: Paradox Alarm Plugin

Looking good – thanks for contributing another plugin to the community!


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Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:40 am
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Re: Paradox Alarm Plugin


I am trying to connect my system to indigo (latest version 2021) via the Paradox alarm plugin and I am getting the following error:

Paradox Alarm Trying to connect
Paradox Alarm Socket for IP150 communication is Connected
Paradox Alarm Debug Socket Timout = 5.0
Paradox Alarm Connecting to IP Module: with Port:10000
Paradox Alarm Debug Logging into alarm system...
Paradox Alarm Debug Login request unsuccessful
Paradox Alarm Failed to login & unlock to IP module, check if another app is using the port. Retrying... Attempt number: 31

My system is SP6000 version with IP150 Firmware version 7.14
and ip module 150+ version 5.02.19
PCS module. Firmware version 4.32.02

Any ideas what the problem is ? I have tried as port the external one which is set to default 10000 and pc password 2000. (defined currently in the system).

thanks a lot

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Tue Jun 29, 2021 4:03 pm
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Re: Paradox Alarm Plugin


Sorry to hear that - I would presume it is either password issue (as the pc password particularly is a pain) or it’s a firmware connection issue and can’t connect.

PC Password: 4 digit [0-9a-f] password. Can be looked up in Babyware (Right click on a panel ⇾ Properties ⇾ PC Communication (BabyWare) ⇾ PC Communication (BabyWare) ⇾ PC Password)

For IP150 firmware > 4.0 if you connect via Paradox Cloud (SWAN)

Email registered in the site
We do not recommend using SWAN because of

Pretty sure I didn’t add support for SiteID and swan because of above. Could always revisit though.

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