Changing the device type of light to cover

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Sun May 22, 2022 12:03 pm
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Changing the device type of light to cover


I hope someone knows the answer to this:
I have several shutters controlled by z-wave (Hunter Douglas Multiposition Motor Controls) that I would like to map to homeassistant.
In indigo they show as dimmable lights. So to get the device type right in homeassistant I wanted to change the devicetype in hassbridge.
Sadly I seem to be too stupid to get it working or I have a major misunderstanding of the customization file.

I created a customization.yaml file to change the device type, but the plugin doesn't seem to understand it.
Code: Select all
  Rolladen Dach links:           # Indigo device name
      device_class: cover        # Home Assisntant discovery config entry
  Rolladen Dach rechts:
      device_class: shutter

I have also tried with underscore instead of blanks and lowercase letters for the devices.
As you can see, I tried with two different device classes but the device still appear as light.
If anybody knows the answer to this I would be very happy.

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