Pre-Release InControl Pro Plugin

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Pre-Release InControl Pro Plugin

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I have published an early version of my JLR plugin that is really focussed on my I-Pace. You can find it at ... / It is still a little crude in places, but working for me. I can start and stop charging, set the climate and surface a whole load of information about the car (including some really arcane stuff like if the air bag has deployed). I use this control page (faked location for the map). and the charging graphs are not that useful right now as I cannot drive anywhere (normally they show charge rates and battery state but the car is at 100% and has been for weeks). The control page will win few design awards, and I am only showing a fraction of the data available

I will document this and harden it a little for general use, it will also work for other JLR ICE vehicles if you want to map for example car location, it will generate the map from the geolocation of the car.
ipace control page small.png
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