Ohme Charge Cable - Great for EV owners on the Agile Tariff

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Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:01 am
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Ohme Charge Cable - Great for EV owners on the Agile Tariff

This is not strictly related to the plugin, but for Agile Customers who have an EV it is well worth thinking about taking up the offer for the Ohme Smart Charging Cable.

It to a certain extent does the job of the plugin (with respect to car charging) but is is very simple and elegant, and is easy to upgrade your existing charger. As an Octopus customer you can get it for half price, or £199.


The cool thing is the charger gets the current rates for your postcode, and for certain vehicles also talks to the cars API to get State of Charge. It then works out when to charge to get to your desired charge and departure time and selects the periods based on cost to give you the lowest cost charge without thinking about it. You can also set a rate cap, so that it will never charge the car if the rate is above a certain price. Once complete is gives you the actual cost for your charge in the App.

The bottom line is you can simply plug the car in whenever you like and it takes care of getting the lowest cost or greenest energy into the car (especially if like me in normal times you arrive home during the peak rate period, and the car would automatically start charging).

I originally bought a BP Chargemaster Homecharge Unit, but I never consistently got 7kWh charge rates from it so I ordered the cable. If you have a Type 2 socket charger they do a version that can plugin to your existing charger, and even a 13A plug version. In my case I ordered the Commando plug version, and a certified electrician simply removed it and connected it to the supply used by my old charger. The "wall charger" version is no different, it simply has no plug on the cable and comes with a holster and cable hook but that is not part of the £199 offer. If you have existing and certified wiring it is really simple to change.

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