Version 1.0.7 Pushed to the Plugin Store

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Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:13 am
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Version 1.0.7 Pushed to the Plugin Store

I have just published the latest version, this adds the following to the initial release :-

- Support for UDP Send and UDP Receive options via new actions
- Support for the Preset Sync function again via actions

Optimisations include :-

- Reducing the number of "Update States on Server" calls to one per refresh rather than once per state (Thanks Joël)
- Handling the addition of new states between versions without errors (Thanks Dave for the tip and Carl for reminding me)

I also added simplistic support for the WIFI device states added to the pre-release WLED 0.9.0 version. The api documentation is not yet updated so more to follow when this version is complete and documented. For now if you toggle on the plugin debugging then the WIFI strength, channel and BSSID will be dumped in the Indigo Event log every time the WLED is polled.

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