Unistat feature - Learning prefs for heat/cool setpoint

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Sun Dec 27, 2020 10:04 am
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Unistat feature - Learning prefs for heat/cool setpoint

@kmarkley - nice contribution on the Unistat plugin - I'd been wanting to do something like this as well for a while. Basically a simulated HVAC setup for a small room comprised of a temp sensor, heaters, and fans.

One thing I've been using at my house for a while is some home-grown 'Learning/Smart' capabilities in conjunction with an Insteon thermostat. Basically I just collect user-inputs when heat/cool setpoints are changed - data is collect for each hour of the day (last 10 times). Throughout the day, I have some scheduled jobs that automatically update the setpoint using the collected values (also some attempts at a circuit breaker to NOT auto-update the thermostat if user input recently updated it)..

Anyhow - not sure if you've gotten requests or considered this yourself.. I'm playing around with the existing Unistat code in GitHub just for fun

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