Workaround for error converting video to animated GIF

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Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:51 pm
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Workaround for error converting video to animated GIF

If you are using the Download Video for Specified Event action with conversion to animated GIF enabled and see the error:

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Ring Error          Error converting downloaded video to animated GIF

Then the most likely cause is a lack of code signing, which causes issues under recent versions of macOS (e.g. 10.15 Catalina). Generally speaking this is a good thing (macOS not running unknown code by default), but it is an annoyance for plugins, such as this one, that include open source executables (ffmpeg in this case).

For now, to workaround the issue, please follow the steps found here. Unfortunately, you have to go through this workaround every time you upgrade the RingForIndigo plugin.

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