Sylvania Lightify - Initial Release Version 1.0

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Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:31 am
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Sylvania Lightify - Initial Release Version 1.0

V1.0 Features
* RGBW Support - extends the Indigo Dimmer device type - supports dimmer actions on/off/brightness/white levels/rgb levels
* Device Types - supports 'Groups' ONLY (not individual bulbs)
* Zigbee Hub - uses an open source tcp library - tested with the [Lightify Hub][1] ONLY
* Scenes - supports creation of customized lighting scenes for the group of lights: 'Circadian', 'Match Color/Temp' 'Rotate Color/Temp'

Supported Device Types
As stated above, the plugin has ONLY been setup to work with Lightify Groups. Groups are setup via the Lightify mobile app. Support for a single bulb Device Type is TBD. You can still use the plugin with a single bulb however, you just need to setup a Lightify Group comprised of the single bulb. Apologies for this seeming lack of functionality - however, I built the plugin for use in my house where I'd always done several bulbs combined into a group.

Supported Lightify Bulbs
Several different Lightify Zigbee bulbs have been used and work great. However, the plugin currently doesn't validate or check different Lightify bulbs to see if they are supported.

The Color RGBW bulbs are more expensive, but highly recommended over the tunable/adjustable white ones. The main product deficiency with the tunable/adjustable white bulbs is they have a minimum color temp of 2700K. For the 'Circadian' scene functionality, it is desirable to go down much lower - closer to 1500K for a nice warm yellow/orange glow.

For Installation, Setup, Usage refer to the GitHub wiki:

V1.0.5 Changes
Bug Fixes: ... 3?closed=1
* Fixed startup initialization issue for empty circadian scene

V1.0.3 Changes
Bug Fixes: ... 2?closed=1
* Fixed pluginPrefs persistence for scenes
* Fixed issues with list display of scenes/ctemp/rgb

V1.0.2 Changes
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed initial startup for invalid Lightify Hub IP Address
* Improved startup error messaging

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