Home Access Control: RFID Access Control (DISCONTINUED)

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Thu May 31, 2012 2:15 am
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Home Access Control: RFID Access Control (DISCONTINUED)

Home Access Control 1.0b1

NOTE: This software is no longer supported.

Due to increased AppleScript security in Mac OS X 10.8 and above, this system will not work without modification.

Home Access Control is an RFID access control system designed to work with the AVEA WEB08S RFID reader/web client (http://avea.cc/web08s.html). It uses PHP and SQLite to maintain a database of users, keys, key assignments, and RFID readers. It grants or denies access based on the user key assignments in the database and logs all access attempts to a web-accessible event log. Home Access Control is designed to integrate with Indigo, but can be modified to work with other systems.


Home Access Control requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. It also requires Web Sharing to be enabled in order to work. The installer modifies the default Apache web server configuration to allow PHP files to be executed. Home Access Control will work out-of-the-box without Indigo installed, but will generate errors in your web server logs while trying communicate with Indigo.

If you have Indigo installed, Home Access Control assumes that:

  • You name your RFID readers using the format "<door name> RFID", where <door name> is the name of the door device in Indigo.
  • You have an Indigo-controlled door lock device (like a SmartLabs MorningLinc) with the name "<door name> Lock".

You can edit the file /Library/WebServer/Documents/avea.php to change access control operations and how Home Access Control interacts with Indigo.


Download the installer to the computer running Indigo, unzip it (if it isn't already), and double-click on the "Home Access Control" package file. The installer will install all the PHP files and the default SQLite database and will modify your existing Mac OS X Apache configuration. If Web Sharing is already enabled, it will restart Apache so the PHP configuration changes will take effect.


Once Home Access Control is installed, turn on Web Sharing in the "Sharing" pane within System Preferences (Apple menu -> System Preferences…), then open a web browser on the same computer and go to the URL You'll be prompted to setup a Username and Password to access the Home Access Control system. This username and password can only be set up once through the web interface. To change it again, you'll have to edit the file /Library/WebServer/Documents/admin/include/authentication.php as an administrator on the computer. Once a username and password are set up, you can access your Home Access Control management page from anywhere on the Internet, as long as your router is configured to point all web traffic (TCP port 80) to that computer.


This software is offered "as is". I make no guarantees as to its usefulness or quality. Do not rely on this software to provide access control with any degree of security. The software has not been tested to withstand any breach or hack attempts.

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