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Re: Start Scenes stored om Hue Bridge

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:21 am
by bbruck
I'm still not able to see OnSwitch scenes in the Recall Hue Scene window.
Having reset everything a couple weeks ago (see above), I now see three scene creators:
hue_iox_app app on Bill iPhone 6 (shows all scenes in the app as expected)
OnSwitch app on Bill iPhone 6 (shows no scenes)
87045B47-9 (a new mystery contender that also shows no scenes)

You suggested that I create or edit a scene in the OnSwitch app to force a refresh of the hub. Unfortunately, OnSwitch does not allow you to create or edit scenes.

When I use the Candlelight scene in OnSwitch - as an example - a scene that simulates flickering lights by changing the intensity of the four Hue bulbs in the room, I see the resulting actions in Indigo's event log (even though the scene was not initiated in Indigo. Any additional thoughts on what I can try?

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Dec 6, 2017 at 8:19:24 AM
   Updated                         "RecRoom BacklLight Left" on to 41
   Updated                         "RecRoom CouchHue" on to 35
   Updated                         "RecRoom FrontHue" on to 36
   Updated                         "RecRoom TVLight" on to 41
   Updated                         "RecRoom BacklLight Left" on to 35
   Updated                         "RecRoom CouchHue" on to 45
   Updated                         "RecRoom TVLight" on to 40
   Updated                         "RecRoom BacklLight Left" on to 39
   Updated                         "RecRoom CouchHue" on to 41
   Updated                         "RecRoom FrontHue" on to 49
   Updated                         "RecRoom TVLight" on to 41
   Updated                         "RecRoom BacklLight Left" on to 45
   Updated                         "RecRoom CouchHue" on to 36

Re: Start Scenes stored om Hue Bridge

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:30 pm
by nsheldon

I'm not exactly sure why no OnSwitch scenes are showing up on the Hue hub. The Hue Lights plugin will show every scene that's on the Hue hub regardless of which device or app created it, so if it's not showing up in the list, then the chances are very high it's not actually on the hub. The last debug log you provided proved that as there weren't any OnSwitch scenes listed in the raw JSON output from the Hue hub. Does the OnSwitch app developer provide any support? You might want to ask them why it's not on the hub.

However, I suspect it's intentional. Hue hub scenes are static, not animated. So if you have an OnSwitch scene that causes lights to flicker or randomly dim like candles, it's not a scene that's on the Hue hub because the Hue hub can't store anything like that as a scene. That's gotta be something that's being done from the OnSwitch app itself, communicating directly with the Hue hub. The reason you see the results of the changes in Indigo is because every 10 seconds the Hue Lights plugin asks the Hue hub for the status of every light paired with the hub, and those changes are reported back by the hub to Hue Lights. This helps keep the status of Hue devices in sync with the corresponding Indigo device status, regardless of how the Hue devices were changed (be it by some other app or by Indigo itself). If you see an "Updated" message in the log for a Hue bulb or light, that's a status change reported by the Hue hub, not a status change initiated by Indigo. Status changes initiated by Indigo start with "Sent Hue Lights" (or just "Hue Lights" for sensor change updates).

Re: Start Scenes stored om Hue Bridge

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:54 am
by bbruck
You must be right - the fact that the hub can only store static scenes (which I did not know) is the clue. I LOVE that effect, so I'll just continue to use OnSwitch to use that effect. Thank you SO MUCH for the information and quick responses.