Watchdog Plugin - Description and Instructions

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:39 pm
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Watchdog Plugin - Description and Instructions

Watchdog works in conjunction with the Pushover and/or Prowl plugin to notify you if any device has not been updated in a specified time period. This is especially useful for connected devices such as security panels, networked thermostats, battery-operated devices etc.

The plugin checks all devices in the list once every minute to see if a timeout has occurred, and if so sends a Pushover notification to a specified Pushover device, and/or a Prowl notification.

Install in the usual way. Installation of the Pushover and/or Prowl plugin in a prerequisite if timeout notifications are required. Timeout messages are in any case written to the Indigo Event Log.

In config, specify Pushover (and the Pushover device you wish to use for notifications) and/or Prowl, and/or email.

Use the menu option to add devices from the drop-down list and specify the number of minutes and priority for timeout notifications for each device.

Devices may be edited or removed from the monitoring list using the relevant menu options. If a monitored device is deleted from Indigo by the user, the plugin will remove the device from the Watchdog list and publish a message in the Indigo Event Log.

A further menu option lists monitored devices and their timeout status to the Indigo Event Log.

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