Netatmo Multi Plugin - Description and Instructions

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:31 pm
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Netatmo Multi Plugin - Description and Instructions

Plugin connects to Netatmo servers to download data previously uploaded by a Netatmo Welcome and Presence cameras, Smart Smoke Detector, Netatmo Healthy Home internal air quality monitors and all Netatmo weather station components.

Before installing the plug-in obtain Netatmo ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ keys by registering at Click ‘Create Your App’, fill in the web form (for plugin purposes it doesn’t matter what you enter) accept the Terms and Conditions and save. This will generate your Client ID and Client Secret. You will also need the email address and password which you used when setting up your Netatmo device.

Install the plugin then enter Client ID, Client Secret, User Name and Password in config.

Tick boxes for each Netatmo product you wish to include, and specify the desired update frequency for cameras.

Save the config, after which the plugin will poll Netatmo and create Indigo devices for your Netatmo equipment.  Do not create devices manually.

For Welcome cameras the plugin polls Netatmo and creates a variable for all persons previously set up in the Netatmo mobile app and sets each to 'Home' or 'Away'. An additional '_Occupants' variable specifies the total number of persons currently 'Home'. Camera device states include 'last event' text and 'last event' time, so in addition to creating triggers when someone arrives 'Home' you can also trigger on things like 'Unknown face seen'. Actions available include 'Set person away', 'Set all away', 'Set person home' and 'Take snapshot'.  Each action may be implemented in an Indigo trigger or action group.

Plugin will create smoke detector devices and give them the same names as they appear in the Netatmo app. Smoke detector status is available only from Netatmo events; detectors cannot be polled for any useful information. On each pass (determined by the poll frequency) the plugin will scan recent events to see if any pertain to the smoke detector, and if so will use the latest event to update smoke detector status. Currently statuses can be:

    Plugin also supports the Healthy Home internal air quality monitor. Each measurement is copied to a device state.  Updates are every 5 minutes.

    For Netatmo weather stations a separate Indigo device is created for each component and polled every 10 minutes, which is the maximum update frequency of the weather station.

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