Heatmiser Neo Plugin - Description and Instructions

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:25 pm
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Heatmiser Neo Plugin - Description and Instructions

Allows monitoring and control of Heatmiser Neo thermostats and time clocks via a Heatmiser Neohub.

Before installation thermostats and time clocks should first be configured in the Neohub using the Heatmiser phone app.

Install plugin in the usual way, then enter the IP address of your Neohub in config. If you wish to be notified of plugin updates enter your email address in config too.

Plugin will create an Indigo device for each thermostat or time clock it finds configured in the hub.

Available actions include changing set point and mode of each thermostat, setting a temperature override for a specified time, and setting each thermostat to frost protection mode.

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