8 Channel Network Relay Indigo Plugin HOWTO

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Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:10 am
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8 Channel Network Relay Indigo Plugin HOWTO

So you have a network relay board and you want to control it with Indigo. Hopefully this post will give you enough information to get going.

The relay board does not come with DHCP enabled. It has a static IP of in the subnet (subnet mask If your network is in this same subnet then you should be able to plug the device in and get going right away. If your network is in a different subnet, then you will need to set a static IP on your computer in the same subnet and connect the device directly without your network. You can access the web interface, configure the device, and set a static IP in your network's subnet. If you need help with this process, please open a forum topic and we'll try to guide you through setting an IP on the relay board.

Once you know your device's IP you can go ahead and add it to Indigo. Select New Device, then 8 Channel Network Relay Board. On the screen that comes up, put in the IP if it's different than the default. Now click the Add Relay button. You can add up to 8 relay or 8 input sensors, or a combination up to 8 total devices. Since the relay board has 16 total devices (8 relays and 8 inputs) you will have to create at least 2 separate 8 Channel Network Relay Board devices to access everything. The plugin is smart enough to recognize a duplicate IP and only poll the device once even if it exists multiple times. It is perfectly fine to add a separate device per relay instead of adding 8 in one device; everything pretty much works the same way in this alternate configuration.

After adding some relays and/or inputs, click Save. If you click Cancel, your changes will be lost. Now edit each device's settings and select a relay channel. The channel corresponds to the relay number on the board. With the ethernet port facing down, channel (relay) 1 is on the left, channel 8 is on the right. That's it. Click Save and try to control your relays. They should click when you turn them on or off.

If things are not working, check the Indigo logs for clues.

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Tue Dec 15, 2020 12:56 pm
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Re: 8 Channel Network Relay Indigo Plugin HOWTO


I have purchased several of the 8 channel relay cards. I fiddled with one of them about a year ago and got it working. However the computer I was using died and had to be replaced. I remember I had to do something funny with the IP address on the Mac, something with SUDO to perhaps try to fix the Mac IP address as an alias or something.... Maybe ifconfig?

Anyways, I'm trying to address both the old as well as a few virgin units from the factory 8 channel cards with I've tried both of the following with no result:

telnet 1234

as well as using to browser to try to reach the HTML server at or http://admin:12345678@

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I've poured over the forums and also tried many combinations - 10 hours into it now.

Please help me resurrect connection with my 8 Channel Relay boards.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Gary Rayner.

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Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:26 pm
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Re: 8 Channel Network Relay Indigo Plugin HOWTO

Presumably your LAN is in the correct subnet....

To eliminate network issues try creating a network of just your Mac and the board, with the subnet settings specified above. I find the 'IP Scanner' app very handy in debugging as the boards will quickly appear if they have found the network, even if on an unexpected IP.

If you are using Unifi networking equipment, Unifi causes problems with recent versions of the board owing to issues with the default MAC address. If this is your underlying issue, once you have direct connectivity you should be able to change the MAC address (base it on another device you know to be kosher) and the other network settings, and then bring it back to the main network.

(I received one board that is physically slightly different to the usual boards....additional I/0...haven't succeeded in integrating that one at all and received a refund. But as you have previously been able to connect, this isn't the problem).

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