Replacing thermostat, deleting old one from Indigo

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Replacing thermostat, deleting old one from Indigo

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Indigo 2023.2.0, ecobee 2 plugin 2024.1.0

I've replaced an ecobee 3 with a Smart Thermostat Premium. Have the new one and its remotes set up in the plugin and working with control pages etc.

I've deleted the devices that are the remotes on the old thermostat (have the physical ones linked to the new 'stat and corresponding devices are present in Indigo).

When I try to delete the old thermostat Devices(Ecobee ecobee3 and Ecobee ecobee3 Occupancy) I get the below popup (for the thermostat-- similar result if I try to delete the Occupancy device.) Ecobee Home and Home Occupancy are the new devices.

Neither of the old devices shows any dependencies when checking by right clicking on the device name in the device list.

How do I delete the old ones and not lose the new ones and control pages (which no longer reference the old devices)? I suppose they're not doing any harm by existing in the device list, but shouldn't they be able to be removed without affecting the other items?
Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 16.47.22.png
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