Understanding TRV

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Wed May 15, 2019 10:10 am
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Understanding TRV

Hi Jon,

sorry, but I have another question concerning how the TRV device works:

I now have installed 10 thermostats arround the house. Normally my boiler is working on it's own, controlled by a modulating room thermostat which is in one room using an Opentherm interface.
Most of the time, this works satisfactory and the thermostat does a good job modulating the boiler.
But sometimes it happens, that one room has to get some more heat. So I would have to switch on the boiler independant of the thermostats state.
I have made a virtual device that reflects if the boiler is in thermostat mode or if it's overruled by indigo and switches it on or off.
That works ok, but I don't want to "overrule" the thermostat when the boiler is already heating because the thermostat does a better job to save some energy rather than simply switching it on.

So my question is if you have an idea how I could make the system smarter and only fire the boiler manually, if the water temperatur is below a certain amount? I have several variables to check the temp of the boiler, I just have no good idea to integrate them into the system.
I would love to hear you ideas on this.

P.S: This is a bad time to fiddle arround with the heating because it's getting warmer each day... ;-)

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Wed May 15, 2019 10:39 am
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Re: Understanding TRV

Not sure how boilers and radiators heating work in Germany but I think your best bet is to let indigo take over control of the thermostat on the wall, as long as there is no other rooms you that it controls that don't have zwave TRVs.
If the indigo tells the thermostat to ask for heat from the boiler but it's for only one room, the water returning to the boiler will still be pretty hot and the boiler likely won't have to do much if anything. It should not be firing at max in that case.
I've now got my wall thermostats controlled by indigo, via Heatmiser plugin and have used the same amount of gas to heat my house this year with it occupied 7 days a week Vs last winter where it was empty work days and had no heating on.

Also i recommend setting the plugin devices to turn off the TRVs rather than setting low temp as I have less issues that way, plus it's more obvious what is going on.

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