Does this work with 2 Doorbird Devices

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Wed Dec 13, 2023 9:43 pm
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Does this work with 2 Doorbird Devices

Thank you so much for creating this plugin. I love it and really appreciate that it can capture an image from my Doorbird,

I now have two Identical Doorbird devices. They each come with their own account credentials. Unfortunately, I am experiencing some odd behavior now. Only one of the devices appears to be in the "on" state and, even though I have created both devices with their own IP addresses, in the Device list, they both indicate they have the same IP address. When I edit device settings, I can see that they both have retained the individual IP addresses that I configured them with, but in the Device list they both show as having the same IP address. The "on" state is associated with the device that actually has the IP address which they both indicate in the list.

Finally, when I reset the plugin, both devices have reported an "online" state in the indigo log, but in the device list, one is in the "on" state and one is in the "off" state.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your efforts!

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